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Here at Moore Ice we are experts in the Art storytelling that is tangible, wearable and lasting: fine jewelry.

What we create are bespoke pieces envisioned by you, handcrafted by us, and worn by no one else on else. People have been adorning themselves with precious metals for centuries. But we’re using new technology to reimagine custom jewelry, making it accessible to everyone who values it as a means of self-expression.

Choose this precious and permanent medium to express yourself in a way that no other format can. Commission a one of a kind piece to commemorate a life event for yourself or someone you love. Celebrate your family history. Claim your personal style. Create something that will last a Lifetime. 

We want to bring your your jewelry dream to life, creating something beautiful, special and lasting, and we want you to be a part of the process. Don’t be shy! Trust us with every detail and we will make your story shine

Custom IMI Pendent

Email us a lets make something Special.

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